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Av Margot - 27 maj 2010 23:22

I just got a mail from Lea Pirkkalainen with good news.

Candygolds Silvia "Siiri" got Best female-2 with R-CC and CACIB at the show in Hamina, Finland. Well done Lea.


Candygolds Silvia

Av Margot - 27 maj 2010 22:13

I got some very nice news and pictures.

CONGRATULATIONS Inkies Just A Gigolo (Marco) BOB at  Papillon and Phalene special show in Norway last weekend. Marco also was BIS-2 and had "Best head".

My Multich Denemore Noble Perfection is the father to Marco.

On the Papillon Club of Scotland,  Papplewick Pretty In Pink (Pippa) (Candygolds Time-Bomb x Candygolds Young At Heart) was BIS-puppy.

Well done!!!

I also got a nice picture of my little "Princesse" from Iceland. Hálsakots Petit Princesse (Candygolds Minette x Royal Ice Ekvador).

Inkies Just A Gigolo (Marco)  BIR på Papillon & Phalene specialutställning i Norge.


Papplewick Pretty In Pink (Pippa) BIS-puppy i Scotland. PJ och George barnbarn.

  Hálsakots Petit Princesse, 8 months old

  Princesse parents Candygolds Minette and Royal Ice Ekvador

Av Margot - 24 maj 2010 13:30

In Sundsvall at SKK:s show 22/5, judge Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden, Candygolds Value Vision ( Such JPuch SV-08 x Such Amch Canch Candygolds Mette-Marit) won open class with CC-quality and was placed 5th in Best male class. The second day at SDHK:s show, judge Ingela Nilsson, Sweden, he also won open class with CC-quality and got CC and was placed 4th in Best male class. It was his first indoorshow and he is just showed once before so he did very well. He lives with Birgitta Hamrin but I have some breedingrights on him so I will show him at some shows this season. Thank you Birgitta and Harry for taking so good care of "Jappe".

I also showed Multich Denemore Noble Perfection "PJ" in Veteranclass.

He was BOS-veteran the first day and BOB-Veteran the second day and also BIS-2 Veteran. Judge BIS veteran was Dusan Paunovic, Serbia.

Lamonia´s Kira also won her class on the second show with CC-quality and was placed Best female-3.

Candygolds Value Vision last summer when he was BIS-3 at one open show, Aug-09

Lamonia´s Kira  (Such Lamonias Goliat x Such Lamonia´s Donna Felicia) sept-09

Av Margot - 24 maj 2010 13:16

I went to Sundsvall with some of my dogs this weekend. It was the very first show for my Chihuahuamale Montelinos Harry, 2 years old. He did very well and was 2nd in open class among 11 males in the class on SKK show the first day and 2nd with CCquality and 2nd Best male on SDHK show the second day.

The second day also Candygolds Easy Elle was entered in puppyclass and was 2nd and very promising. Judge the first day was Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland and the second day Ramune Kazlauskaite, Litauen.


Av Margot - 13 maj 2010 11:39

Congratulations Aune. I got good news from Finland. On the show in Kangasniemi 13/5, Candygolds Keeper got CC, BOB and also gained his FICH and NORDuch titles among 15 dogs. Judge was Joan Beech, Canada.

I´m so happy. Keeper went to Aune and Tairon´s Phalenekennel in the end of March and is now enjoying his life there. He is litterbrother to Candygolds Kickoff who has sired so many nice puppies at Freetains kennel in Norway. His sister Candygolds Klarissa is also living with Aune and Keeper.

Candygolds Keeper winning BOB and BIS at the specialshow in Bornholm July 2009.

Picture taken of Jane Remy, kennel Blicci

Av Margot - 12 maj 2010 00:29

I got wonderful news from UK yesterday. George (Papplewick Pigeon Post) and PJ´s (Denemore Noble Perfection) granddaughter Papplewick Pretty In Pink (Candygolds Time-Bomb x Candygolds Young At Heart At Papplewick) was BOB-puppy at Birmingham National Ch show. At the same show her sister Papplewick Papa Don´t Preach was 5th. Big congratulations to breeders and owners. Well done.

Papplewick Pretty In Pink (Pippa) BOB-puppy at Birmingham National Ch Show

I also want to present my new femalepuppy Hálsakots Petit Princesse (Intuch ISch Royal Ice Ekvador x Candygolds Minette) from Iceland.

I have not met her yet but she will come to WDS and after the shows go back with me to Sweden. I´m looking forward to meet both her and Asta-Maria with mother and sister again.


Hálsakots Petit Princesse 8 months old.

Today I also took some new pics of my Chihuahuapuppies. This is Candygolds Iza. She is a charming little girl.


      Brother Candygolds Ivar, chocolatebrindle, 3 months old.


Av Margot - 10 maj 2010 00:09

I got two very nice messages today.

The first from Diana and Violetta Smirnova, Latvia.

George has taken his first CC in Estonia. Well done and thank you both. The picture is from the show.

The second from Zala Kosnik, Slovenia.

Today Lia got the last PRM (CAJC) for junior championship of Slovenia. She won junior BOB too. At the last three shows in Slovenia she was best junior, and all the jury told me she is very nice.

I´m so happy George and his daughter Lia are doing so good. You are making me so proud.

Papplewick Pigeon Post (George) Candygolds Cute Rozalia (Lia)

Av Margot - 9 maj 2010 12:34

Billy is now 7 months old and a very nice little guy.

He will go to his first shows in two weeks.



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