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Av Margot - 26 augusti 2010 11:43

I got a newtaken picture of Candygolds Silvia (Multich Denemore Noble Perfection x Afrodyta Little Fantasy). She got 2 x CC and BOS last weekend. Well done Lea and thank you for the new picture. Silvia has a sister on Rosy Wings kennel in Denmark, Candygolds Sunbeam, who is Phalene and she has also taken 2 x CC.There is a third female in the litter living with Catarina and Johnny at Silkywinds kennel, she has got CCquality and is also a very cute girl. The boys in the litter aren´t showed.

This litter is the same combination as NO uch Candygolds Limelight (Kompis) at Sneff´s kennel in Norway.


Candygolds Silvia summer 2010

Av Margot - 24 augusti 2010 01:07

Congratulations Lea Pirkkalainen, owner to Candygolds Silvia (Multich Denemore Noble Perfection - Afrodyta Little Fantasy), who got CC and BOS both at Kouvola show 21/8, judge Mona Selbach and at Heinola show 22/8, judge hans Almgren.

In sweden we had shows at SKK Int Eskilstuna 21/8. I showed my little Chihuahuamale Candygolds Ivar, 6 month old, in puppyclass for the first time and he was BOB puppy, Montelinos Harry, chihuahua male,  got open class-3, Candygolds Grace first time in juniorclass got jkkl-2 and Lafford Billy Whizz also first time in juniorclass in Sweden jkkl-3 with Honourprice.

We also had a show in Norrköping 22/8. My little Ivar was BOB puppy again among 10 chihuahuapuppies. Harry won a big open class with CCquality and got Best male-2, Grace won her class with Honourprice and Billy was jkkl-3.

They all showed very well so I´m so proud of them.

BOB Siljans Truly Yours and BOS Candygolds Silvia , Heinola 22/8 , judge Hans Almgren

    Candygolds Ivar, 6 months old, 2 x BOB-puppy, 5 month at the picture


I was going to take some new pictures of Ivar today but he didn´t want to do it. He just looked stupid like this.

  Montelinos Harry, picture taken in June,

  Candygolds Graceful Girl, 9 months old

Lafford Billy Whizz, 10 month old

Av Margot - 19 augusti 2010 00:32

Today I recieved a nice picture of SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper winning BOB on the Speciality show in Finland.

I also got his very nice critique from judge Juha Kares translated to english. Thank you so much.

"Magnificent, expressing the real breed type, proud, light and elegant.Georgeous male, stylish head, Fantastic quality of coat texture. Beautiful, perfect and light bones. Good chest. Super stylish movements, wich are expressing just the right lightness and joyful which is demended from this breed"

Also a big THANK YOU to his handler Lea Anttila for showing Keeper so well.


Av Margot - 15 augusti 2010 14:58

Today it was the Finnish Special Papillon & Phalene show . Judge was Joha Kares.

Phalenes entered 27 males + 22 females + 12 puppies.

Papillon entered  22 males + 33 females + 10 puppies.

SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper, phalene,  was BOB and BIS-2, Congratulations Aune (Tairon Phalenes)

Candygolds Silvia, papillon,  also did very well and won her class and was Best female-5. Congratulations also to her owner Lea Pirkkalainen.

Candygolds Value Vision also did very well today at SKK show in Askersund.

He won his class again and was placed BM-3 with R-CACIB.

SEuch DKuch FINuch Candygolds Keeper, BIR och BIS-2


Candygolds Silvia when she was younger, Btkl-5 idag i Finland

Av Margot - 11 augusti 2010 17:46

Thank you very much for all nice pictures, Dimitri. It´s always so nice to see how the dogs you have sold develops and what kind of life they live.

Candygolds Hot Hero (Oscar) has a nice life in Greece I think. I would like to be there myself. It´s a beautiful country.


Av Margot - 11 augusti 2010 16:56

Aune (Tairon phalenes) just called me and told me the answer from the DNA-test about PRA.

SEuch DKuch NOuch Candygolds Keeper is NORMAL. I´m so happy for this because the rumours said he was a carrier. But he is not!!!


Av Margot - 8 augusti 2010 16:51

Good news today again from Aune, Finland. SEuch DKuch NOuch Candygolds Keeper did it again and got CACIB and BOB at todays in Kopio. He has now gained his four CACIB in three countries and will now be International Champion. Congratulations Aune!! I´m so happy for you.


Av Margot - 7 augusti 2010 10:19

I have decieded to sell my cute and promising malepuppy Candygolds Klein Kaizer.

I can´t keep all of them even if I want to. I have so many young boys just now so I will keep his brother who looks like he will be a Phalene. Kaizer has a very nice pedigree, father is SEuch JPch SV-08 Queen Bless JP Royal Generation and his mother is Candygolds Qelly (Multich Nordw-04 Candygolds Empress x SEuch DKuch Haremets Famous Fighter). You can see many papillons from his pedigree on my website



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