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Av Margot - 18 oktober 2014 14:06

Lite höstbilder på mina hundar tagna denna vecka. 


My two youngest. Bichon Havanais femalepuppy  Star Havanais Tufs,  4 months old and Lindatorps Tedmund (Ted) 6 months old.


Tufs and Ted playing

Phalene Candygolds Gorgeous Gaya,  8 months old, Ted and Tufs 


Candygolds Ebony Ella, 13 months old and Gaya


Ted playing

Ella shown as junior some times this summer with CC-quality´s and BF-2


Zkarabi´s Coco Mademoiselle, 2 years old, expecting puppies in the beginning of November

Ella playing


Gaya ready to play

Evando vom Schwabenhof, 13 months old


My beloved PJ´s  (Multich Denemore Noble Perfection) youngest daughter. She will be 2 years old in November.


PJ´s oldest daughter Multich Candygolds Empress,  11 years old.

Av Margot - 31 oktober 2013 00:32

One week ago my youngest papillonpuppies were born one week  early. One was born dead and one died after two days but there are one female and one male puppy who made it.

The females weight was 105 g and today one week old her weight is already 245 g so she is really fat. The males weight was 70 g and he was down to 65 g but today he is 130 g so he has gained much weight too.

The first days I had to help them to eat day and night but now also the little male is able to find his way to the food by himself so now I think they both will make it. Mother is Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) and father is SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision (Jappe)

Today we took some new pictures of my other youngsters too.


This little boy is FOR SALE


This is my Ella 6 weeks old. Sire is Vito won Schwabenhof  dam is Candygolds Graceful Girl (Grace)

One of my Chihuahua puppies, Candygolds Dusty Donut, male 10 weeks old, FOR SALE  

Av Margot - 12 augusti 2013 13:21

Här kommer några bilder mest på mina ungdomar tagna i Juli.


My and my dogs house. They are living in the house with me and using the garden to dig holes and play.


Multich Denemore Noble Perfections oldest daughters. Sitting Multich Candygolds Empress 10 years old and Amch Canch SEUch Candygolds Mette-Marit  9 years old.


My happy little girl Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) soon 4 years old. We have started with agility and she just loves it . We will do our first competition in the end of August.


This is my only Phalene Thairghays Head Over Heels (Holly) 1½ years old. Shown with Exellent this summer.


My cute and crazy little Candygolds Wera 1 year old. Shown this summer with CC-Quality.


Candygolds Tindra 1½ years old.


My baby Candygolds Cute Clara 4 months old.


Another cute girl Zkarabis Coco Mademoiselle  (Coco) 9 months old.


PJ´s last litter Candygolds All-Time Abby  (Abby) 9 months old.


Abby´s sister Candygolds Amazing Amelia 9 months old.


The oldest and the youngest on Candygolds just now. Emmy 10 years old and Clara 4 months old


Our little visitor this summer


Sometimes it looks like this in my garden.

Av Margot - 7 april 2013 17:30

Emilia  11 år har varit hos mig några dagar på påsklovet och då tränade hon lite agility med Glory , storväxt chihuahua och Holly , Phalene. Hundarna tycker att det är så roligt när barnbarnen kommer på besök. Glory kommer att bo med Emilia under sommarlovet och de ska även på hundläger tillsammans.


Av Margot - 8 januari 2013 14:04

Tog några bilder på valparna ute i snön. Det blir ju inte bra med den blå tonen men jag är ingen duktig fotograf.



Candygolds Wera  6½ months old and 1700 g in weight. She is a very livly little girl.


Candygolds Xellent Xo  5 months old

Av Margot - 8 januari 2013 00:35

Now the Cavalierpuppies are 8 weeks old and two of them left this weekend. The rubymale will go to his new home on Friday and the two others will fly to new homes in the end of the month.

The two Papillon females out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection (PJ) and Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli)

are 6 weeks old now and have started to be together with the other dogs some times during the day.

The small Papillonpuppies are 2 weeks old and have just opened their eyes. They are out of Lafford Billy Whizz  and Candygolds Qelly.



The two 6 weeks old females.


Male 2 weeks old  Tri


Female 2 weeks old Tri


Male two weeks old  Tri



Candygolds Xellent Xo  5 months old     Sire: SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision,  Dame: Candygolds Qelly


Candygolds Wera Chihuahua 6½ months old

Av Margot - 7 oktober 2012 22:08

Some new pictures of my puppies and youngsters on Candygolds kennel.


Candygolds Sweet Sindy , 1 year old next week. Sibling to the expected puppies out of Multich Denemore Noble Perfection and Halsakot´s Petit Princesse, CC


Candygolds Xellent Xo, 11 weeks old (SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision and Candygolds Qelly)


Candygolds Yalle 3 weeks old  (SEUCH Montelinos Harry and Bon Fo Shou Aya Kardelia)


Candygolds Wera 3½ months old (Shine On This Charming Man, 2xCC and Candygolds Easy Elle)


Thairghay´s Head Over Heels (Holly) Phalene with her friend Sindy


Candygolds Qelly with her son Xo and little Wera


Candygolds Unique Uno 6 months old ( Lafford Billy Whizz, CC and SEUCH FINCH Candygolds Dreamgirl Daisy)

Uno has a very good pedigree and he is for sale. It´s hard but I will keep little Xo who I can use on some of my females but Uno is to much related to the most of them.


Av Margot - 4 september 2012 13:59

Some pictures from last week. It´s just everyday pictures so the dogs are not groomed but just like they are.


My little Candygolds Xellent Xo  6 weeks old now. Sire SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision (Jappe) Dam Candygolds Qelly


Candygolds Wera 11 weeks old  Sire My co-owned Shine On This Charming Man (Ozkar) 2xBOB as a junior. Dam Candygolds Easy Elle who has done very well at shows too.


Candygolds Tindra 6 months old. BIS Puppy the first time out.

Sire Lafford Billy Whizz  Dam Candygolds Graceful Girl


Amch Canch SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit  8 years old Mother to the famous Phalenelitter Multich Candygolds Keeper #1 Phalene in Finland 2010 and his son Noble Nadirs Oliver was #1 2012 Keeper lives at Tairons kennel in Finland, NOCh NordJW-07 Candygolds Kickoff who was #1 Progenydog in Norway all breeds 2011 and father to many champions at Freetains kennel in Norway and NordJW-07 Candygolds Klarissa also living at Tairons kennel. Mette is also mother to SEUCH Candygolds Value Vision and one champion in USA Blairwynns Lord Nelson at Blairwynns kennel.

She is such a nice little girl.


Multich C.I.B Nordw-04 Candygolds Empress  9 years old. She has not given me so many puppies. She is mother to  Candygolds Hot Hero who is champion in Turkey and Greece, BIG winner and BIS-2.


Pepermint Ice Vilarden Swissdreams 2 years in December. Sire Mulich Papplewick Pigeon Post Dam Vilarden´s Fiori Samba. Peppie is co-owned with Diana and Violetta Smirnove, Vilardens kennel in Latvia. She is a very cute and playful little girl.


Candygolds Unique Uno 5 months old . Picking gooseberry from the bush. Sire Lafford Billy Whizz Dam SEUCH FIUCH Candygolds Dreamgirl Daisy


My cute Phalenegirl Thairghays Head Over Heels (Holly) 9 months old. Sire Lindilis Do You Believe In Changes Dam Multich NordW-08  C.I.B Kecil Real Blonde. She was also picking gooseberries but went down when I came with the camera.


My russian Chihuahua female Bon Fo Shou Aya Kardelia she is expecting puppies with my SEUCH Montelinos Harry any day now. On the picture also Peppie from Latvia.


Imperial Luxury Glint Of Star 1 year old. She is not at all the showdog the breeder told me she was but she has a very good pedigree with many good italian dogs and she is very funny. I hope she will give me nice puppies even if she is not what I thought she would be.


Halsakots Petit Princesse (Mysli) my girl from Iceland Sire Isch C.I.B Royal Ice Ekvador Dam Candygolds Minette with her daughter Candygolds Sweet Sindy from my Multich Denemore Noble Perfection. Mysli is 3 years old and Sindy is 10 month old. Mysli got Ex-2 with CCQ in open class and 4th Best female with R-CC in Högbo the day she was shown last weekend. Sindy got Ex-1 with CCQ in Juniorclass with R-CC in Ransäter when she was 9 month old.


SEUCH FICH Candygolds Dreamgirl Daisy 6½ years old. Sire Multich Candygolds Trademark Dam Candygolds Qleo. She is the mother of Uno so she has not got her coat back yet.


Playmates in the garden Wera and Xo

 At last the King of the house Multich Denemore Noble Perfection 10½ years old. He is started to look old but he is playful like a puppy when he has his noice toys and when he is with me picking blueberries or just running free in the forest. He is the father to more than 35 champions now and many of them are multichampions and also grandfather to many winning dogs. I´m so proud of him and I´m so greatful to Sean Carrol who let me buy this wonderful dog who has giving me so much joy.


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