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Av Margot - 31 oktober 2014 19:09

Här kommer de första bilderna på mina nya Papillonvalpar 1 dygn gamla. Det är 3+1 och pojkarna är en av varje färg, en svart/vit, en trefärgad och en röd/vit och tiken är svart/vit.

Proud father is Evando vom Schwabenhof  (Multich Nightfire's Question Of Quality x Multich Alex' Take The Chance Trinie)  and mother is Zkarabi's Coco Mademoiselle  (SEUCH Silenzio's Bruce Lee x Yma vom Schwabenhof)

Three males one red sable and white, one black and white and one tri and the female is black and white.


The red sable and white male 1 day old.


The black and white male 1 day old


The tricoloured male 1 day old


The black and white female 1 day old

Av Margot - 31 oktober 2014 18:36

May I present the youngest member in Candygolds kennel except the newborn puppies of course.

My little Bichon Havanese girl Star Havanais Tufs who will be four months old next week. She is a very playful, funnny and cute girl and now the coat is coming too. 


Av Margot - 18 oktober 2014 14:33

Här kommer lite bilder tagna lite tidigare i sommar. Eftersom jag varit så dålig på att uppdatera min blogg så kommer här lite av varje.


This is my cute AMCh CANCh SEUCH Candygolds Mette-Marit  10 years old. She is the mother to the famous Phalene males in Freetain´s kennel in Norway, NOUCh, winning progenydog all breeds NKK 2011 and 2013 and father to many champions  Candygolds Kickoff and Multich Candygolds Keeper  living in Finland at Tairon´s kennel , most winning Phalene in Finland 2010 and after that his son has been the winner for two years. Sister NordJW-07 Candygolds Klarissa is also living at Tairon´s kennel. Mette is also mother of two papillon Champions.


My Chihuahua male SEUCH Montelinos Harry,  7 years old

Mother and daughter  Thairghay´s Head Over Heels  and to the left Candygolds Gorgeous Gaya 8 months  


Cavalierfemale  Chadyline Caribbean Rose (Rosanna)  9 months


Lindatorps Tedmund  (Ted) and his friend Bichon Havanais female Star Havanais Tufs 


My Lafford Billy Whizz to the left after winning BOB. Billy is still staying in Latvia but he will come home when he has mated some more females. Billy has now four championtitles but it´s only SEUCH and EECH registrated in Sweden yet.


Headshot of my Thairghay´s Jig Is Up (Totte), 1 year old.  He is now championcandidate but he has to be two years old before he can be SEUCH. 


Candygolds Ebony Ella, (e Vito vom Scwabenhof x Candygolds Graceful Girl) 9 months old on the picture. Now 13 months old.


Rosanna July 2014


My cute Ted ´Pics from August 2014


Like dog and cat. My Brittish shorthair GIC S*Lisebackens Nimbus, 13 ½ years old now and three times heavyer than my little Chihuahua female Candygolds Wera 2 years old.

Av Margot - 18 oktober 2014 14:06

Lite höstbilder på mina hundar tagna denna vecka. 


My two youngest. Bichon Havanais femalepuppy  Star Havanais Tufs,  4 months old and Lindatorps Tedmund (Ted) 6 months old.


Tufs and Ted playing

Phalene Candygolds Gorgeous Gaya,  8 months old, Ted and Tufs 


Candygolds Ebony Ella, 13 months old and Gaya


Ted playing

Ella shown as junior some times this summer with CC-quality´s and BF-2


Zkarabi´s Coco Mademoiselle, 2 years old, expecting puppies in the beginning of November

Ella playing


Gaya ready to play

Evando vom Schwabenhof, 13 months old


My beloved PJ´s  (Multich Denemore Noble Perfection) youngest daughter. She will be 2 years old in November.


PJ´s oldest daughter Multich Candygolds Empress,  11 years old.

Av Margot - 18 oktober 2014 12:40

Two of my youngsters will be parents for the first time in November. Sire is my import from Germany Evando vom Schwabenhof (Eddy) his parents are Multich Nightfire´s  Question Of Quality x Multich Alex´Take The Chance Trinie and dam is Zkarabi´s Coco Mademoiselle  (Coco) her parents are SEUCH Silenzio´s Bruce Lee x Yma vom Scwabenhof. I hope and think it will be a very nice litter. There are many very beautiful dogs in the pedigrees and Multich Gatchaman Of Royal Blanche will be in the third line behind both father and mother. I have taken some new pictures of the parents. Just outside playing and not groomed. Eddy is still a junior and Coco is two years old now. I hope I will get some help to take new, better pictures of my youngsters soon.


Evando wom Schwabenhof, 1 year old


Zkarabi´s Coco Mademoiselle, 2 years old.   


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